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Society strives for a physical image and people who do not conform to what they believe it is expected by others, might lose confidence and even sense of belonging. If we add the physical dysfunction arising from the disability, the endpoint might be a prolonged depressive reaction.

This clinic provides people with physical disabilities the opportunity to explore the psychological issues which underpin their feelings, as well as prescribing medication if appropriate. In addition, other problems, like phantom pain arising from amputations can also be explored and treated.

A thorough assessment is crucial in order to identify the problem, as sometimes there is a fine line between Adjustment Reaction, Depression, Anxiety or PTSD; but the therapeutic interventions differ. These interventions can be carried out at this clinic. In addition, problems like phantom pain after amputation or paraesthesiae following a stroke or a spinal injury can also be addressed.

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Dr Belda treats patients with the psychological sequel of disability, in London, Surrey and Sussex
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