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People with a psychotic illness which is under control might no longer require regular involvement with mental health services other than the occasional outpatient appointment for medication review. This clinic provides an opportunity to tailor the appointment to suit the person´s needs. These needs might range from reviewing the diagnosis, to establishing the necessary changes in medication to optimise the person´s quality of life. This is also an opportunity for General Practitioners to arrange a review for a patient whom having been discharged from services still needs being prescribed antipsychotic medication.

There are many types of psychoses like Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorders, Recurrent Psychosis associated to stress, Psychosis in the context of an Affective Disorder etc. Many years ago, when the different types of psychoses were less well known, many people with psychotic symptoms were given a diagnosis of Schizophrenia in the absence of First Rank Symptoms by Schneider which are pathognomonic of Schizophrenia. This has had long term implications ranging from medical to social consequences.

Even nowadays people with a diagnosis of psychosis might not be entirely sure of their type of psychosis or would like a second opinion. For doctors in Primary Care it is not infrequent to encounter patients who have been on long term antipsychotic treatment and whose diagnosis is not entirely clear. The implications of being on long term antipsychotic treatment include increased risks of developing Metabolic Syndrome.

On many occasions the matter of changing antipsychotic treatment on somebody whose diagnosis is clear also arises, and it might be due to metabolic side effects or other reasons.

In order to clarify the diagnosis or to consider medication changes, an outstanding knowledge of psychopathology and pharmacology are necessary and they are offered at this clinic.  

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